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Growth Sales​

Become a Sales Growth Enabler by developing a unique positioning and a stable and scalable pipeline

Organizations that have a strong customer mindset are able to develop predictable sales acquisition  and strong customer retention skills.

Did you develop sales skills yet to reach your full potential?

Optimise your performance with a deep customer mindset and improved consulting sales hacks. Designed to reinforce change and create solutions to realise your growth plan.

Latest research reinforces our method:


We develop sales skills

Scaling organizations need strong hard and soft skills in Sales. We support organizations to develop a strong sales understanding and how to achieve outstanding growth results with our sales scaling tools as well as our neurological based soft skills training in sales. 

Scaling Pipelines

If you want to scale your business you need to build up a robust and predictable sales pipeline. Working with over 300 service brands we developed an effective method how to generate predictable prospects and how to effectively manage them into a high conversion hit rate.

It all starts with the right definition of your ideal client (with a clear  CLTV insight) and the right service offering tailored to a clear cascade of neurological  actions to comfort your leads to start a service with you. 

Winning Pitches

We analyzed over +150 different pitches and found a very clear proposition to winning pitches: it needs as close as possible to the customer needs with a clear value case and ROI.

Even help B2B organizations to develop clear and customer-centric pitch stories and we implement incrementally pitch skills in organisations to overcome tender management in an effective and reliable way. We develop both hard-skill as well as soft-skill in organisations to win more pitches.

Innovative Pricing

Prices are paid but customers. Most companies focus only to mark-up their internal costs when defining prices, reviewing their competitors’ costs or assume that people behave rationally (value-based pricing). But pricing is actually influencing customers’ buying behaviour. Hence we support you to understand how to raise attractiveness of your prices and offerings for your customers and lift sales and margins of your business. You will learn about your customers’ price elasticity – how much they are willing to pay for your product / sales and you will learn the art of behavioural pricing

Client Development & Key Accounting

A good growth pipeline has a strong prospecting and lead conversion process but also a great customer onboarding and retention process. There is nothing more valuable than a high and resilient CLTV. We support sales teams to segment their customer portfolios and to analyze clients’ behaviors and needs to focus on. We develop scalable service levels that can be build-up across your Account Management and that is robust to scale.

Salesforce Management & Incentivisation

How to reward your salesforce to grow your business? There is always a huge debate about intrinsic vs. extrinsic sales incentivization. There are actually more possibilities of incentivization than just paying a sales commission. We review with sales teams their current incentivization and develop new ways of rewarding your salesforce by setting a new culture of performance and business development. We help organizations to scale their business with a sustainable and customer centric salesforce that is not only selling your prodcuts / services but also increasing your CLTV.

Consulting Skills

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world there is nothing else required than colleagues and employees that show an agile consulting mindset. We develop in-house consulting skills in organizations to manage your digital transformation in marketing, sales, and product development. We build-up consulting skills as soft skills by providing an understanding of out-of-box thinking, training, and applying those specific skills to bring your salesforce to the next stage of growth.

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How we work and why it’s beneficial for you?

We enable your full growth potential through the integration of a people driven consulting and business coaching approach. Irrespective of marketing, sales, product innovation or leadership challenges. The individual components of our approach are tailored to your needs and can also be booked individually.

Growth Diagnostic Analysis

We analyse your full integration of your customer mindset, marketing, sales, product/service innovation and leadership strength. We will provide you growth areas that still have head-room.

Consulting, Business Coaching & Training

We tailor our methods to your specific environment. The consulting approach will be empowered by business coaching and training in order to fully integrate all relevant stakeholders in the process.

Be your own growth enabler

We challenge your customer mindset with an external perspective. But you will acquire skills, techniques and tools in order to realize your growth strategy with your inhouse team.

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