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Growth Insights

We conducted several webinars in 2020 and will share these insights with you for free. 

Customer Segmentation

A good customer segmentation leads to more sales. Here is our simple DIY-approach, for good customer segmentation. Just follow the steps and you quickly recognize improvements

Dynamic Service Maps

Dynamic Service Maps is the art for agencies to manage different service levels with clients. Using a dynamic service map will foster client growth and agency growth.

Product Owner

A good Product Owner collects the generated signals centrally in the agency. This process creates enormous transparency advantages and thus a competitive advantage

Pricing Options

Making the right choice of pricing options becomes more and more important for agencies. Therefore, we show you the most frequent used pricing mechanisms by agencies

Consultative Selling

After many trainings and coachings, we have developed a simple sales clock that helps the salesforce to implement basic trusted advisor skills / the consultative selling approach

Consulting Skills

The right consulting skills are becoming increasingly important these days. Therefore, we introduce you to the eight most important skills that are crucial for you as a consultant

Agile Client Development

We discuss how agencies can analyse, measure and push their own client development by getting a better understanding of your current customer lifetime value and much more

Tribe Organizations

We will give you hands-on insights and a simple DIY guide why Tribe Organizations are beneficial to foster growth and innovation and how to implement it in your company

Self-Leadership in Autonomous Teams

Self-leadership is a really important skill to build-up in organizations to become innovative and agile. Therefore, we show you how to foster more self-leadership in your organization

New Work in Homeoffice

According to happiness researchers, six factors are important for the “happiness” of people at work. Here you can find the tricks we have gathered for you on how to keep happiness levels high even in Homeoffice. 

How to: Development of Digital Marketing Strategy

As the digital marketing industry develops further, the skills needed to stay on the Top are constantly changing. This has not only been proven by Amaze Growth’s findings, but also by the Forrester Study from 2020.