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Simona Kovacheva

Junior Consultant 


Simona has a Master’s degree in Law from Bulgaria but her passion for Business prevailed, therefore she is currently a student in International Business at the ESB Business school. What pulls her towards the business world are the endless possibilities, the constant aspirations for optimization, and the opportunity to have an impact.

Her critical view over the strategies and processes is influenced both from the legal and the business world which gives her a rather unique perspective.

In the past few years she split her time between her studies and the gathering of work experience in the project management, software development and of course the law.

Simona is fluent in German, English and Bulgarian, but will also understand you in Spanish and Russian.


+ Since February 2021 Junior Consultant at Amaze Growth

+ 5 months as Working Student Business Simulations Modelling

+ 6 years Master degree in law

+ 2 years Paralegal

+ 1,5 years Project Management

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