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Skill Development & Training

We develop in your organisations the required skills and
mindset to skyrocket your business.
We supported +350 organisations with a neurological proven consulting, coaching & training approach to grow your business sustainably.

Growth comes from people development

We find that organizations that invest in people development will grow much faster than companies that don’t. In comparison to the USA, the German service industry is lacking behind.

The average training investment in Germany is significantly lower than the service industry in the USA.

However, training will support:

We develop growth skills

We have a fantastic brain – we learn until a high age. Hence, it is even more important for employers to educate all employees with necessary growth skills. We develop growth skills in a neurological way


We explain skills in a paedagic and easy way


We create a real experience to train the skills


We support your people to apply the skills

Own it

We encourage your employees to become interns coaches

We build up two important growth skills

We develop two major growth skills: Consulting or High-Performing Skills as well as Leadership Skills

Consulting Skills

Consulting skills are important skills in teams to develop a hands-on out-of box thinking approach

Leadership Skills

Leadership is one of the most important growth enablers. It is important to develop measurable leadership skills

Our trainings are supported through

Online Platform

Daily short videos accompany the development of the learning curve and are made available via our platform (mobile and desktop)

Analogue Material

We have a goodie bag with the most important analog training materials incl. workbook and reflection book for taking notes

Certification Badge

After successful completion of the Course we issue a certification and a LinkedIn Badge

LinkedIn Badge

After successful completion of the Consulting Skill Course we issue a certification and a LinkedIn Badge

How do we support building up consulting & leadership skills?

On basis of your achieved outcome one of our coaches or trainers will support your growth development.

Office Hours: Reflection with a Coach about the learning content
Coaching Hours: Coaching and training with a coach

What do our clients say?

Strong growth comes from optimal market access from product, sales and marketing as well as a strong human component from strategy, leadership and teams. We always integrate a 360 approach in our coaching and training.

“Amaze Growth helped to develop important consulting skills in our Account Manager team. The trainings are actionable and can be directly implemented”

Désirée-Sina Kellner


“Our Account Manager team conducted a 10-week consulting skill course with Amaze Growth and the results were amazing. We had instant client growth and our account managers adapted all the tricks in their daily work."

Lukas Höller


“Our Growth Consultants participated in a 10-week consulting skill development programme. We really appreciated the realistic cases to learn how to interact with clients and leads.

Isabell Voss


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