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Short-Term Coaching

We provide you top knowledge in 6 growth dimensions and infuse your growth acceleration. Our coaches and consultants will spur your digital transformation and skill development.

How can our short-term coaching & consulting spur your growth?

We found that organisations we accompany grow in average 13 indeed points more than their peers. This effect is coming through four major benefits

Strategic Thinking

Golden Circle, Purpose & Vision Development

We develop in three sprints your golden circle and your vision development. We define a compelling purpose that will be deeply anchored in your vision and results in an actionable mission.

Strategic Thinking

Strategy Development & Objectives & Key Results

From your vision we will derive your strategy & goals and define your objectives. On this basis we implement Objective and key result (OKR) sprints and a goal achieving culture.

Data & Sales

Scaling Pipelines

We define your target group or customer segments and define a sales pipeline that is repeatable and robust. You will achieve min. 50% more sales leads and conversions.

Data & Sales

Consulting Skills

We build-up important consulting skills in your sales force and in your customer accounting teams. This will help you to close deals, as well as to build-up long-lasting relationships with important Key Account Clients.

Growth Marketing

Brand Building & Storytelling

We develop a compelling brand purpose and define your brand archetypes. Together we analyse how to tell your story to your market and your customer groups. With the skills learned, you can develop performing and effective video & display campaigns.

Growth Leadership

Leadership Skills

We assess the current leadership skills in your organization. With a micro-learning and a proven neuroscience approach, we will develop important leadership skills in the actions of your employees and leaders. This will help you to grow your organization.

Growth Teams

Team Development & On-remote culture

We analyze your current team performance and your culture (even on remote). On the basis of your growth potential, we develop your team and set a strong and anchored foundation for a healthy culture. We work with proven systematic frameworks.

Growth Products

Product / Service Innovation & Ideation

We set the framework for your innovation cycle and how to foster creativity. In a “School-of-Design-Thinking” approach we will develop ideas and will test them on the market. We help you to not only innovate but to also market your ideas.

How do we work together?

Do you want to achieve above-average growth? If so, then you need both a strong market and highly qualified people who build your business with their knowledge, skills and commitment. We work with agencies, startups and multipliers and make them happy with above-average growth.

We set up your Growth Plan

We assess your organisation from an external perspective through our own research and a 2-hours call. On basis of your input we analyse your current growth traction and build up a growth plan.

We schedule your growth sprints

On basis of your growth plan we will define together growth objectives to realise your growth traction and skill.

We work intensively in your growth sprint

In the individual growth sprints, we set the goals together and constantly improve the way of working.

You will grow on your own

After completing the Growth Sprints, you and your team will have all the necessary skills to set and implement the next goals and projects independently.

We offer three different formats

What do our clients testify?

Strong growth comes from optimal market access from product, sales and marketing as well as a strong human component from strategy, leadership and teams. We always integrate a 360 approach in our coaching and training.

“The coaching helps me to keep track on my business growth and provides super valuable insights ad hoc.”

Felix Wenzel

adPoint GmbH

“External sparring is a strong growth enabler to see more growth opportunities. In compact sessions we are able to change a lot and to implement hands-on results."

Christian Vollmer


Who do we accompany through Business Coaching?

Do you want to achieve above-average growth? If so, then you need both a strong market and highly qualified people who build your business with their knowledge, skills and commitment. We work with agencies, startups and multipliers and make them happy with above-average growth.


We work with leading agencies and develop consulting skills, leadership capabilities, and scaling sales pipelines.


We work with leading startups to drive growth through consistent growth strategies to outperform their competitors.


We work with multiplicators who are looking for support to build growth skills in either their Partner Marketing or Startup Incubator Program.

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