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Consulting Assignment

We develop in your organisations the required skills and
mindset to skyrocket your business.
We supported +350 organisations with a neurological proven
consulting, coaching and training approach to grow your
business sustainably.

How can a consultant become your growth enabler?

How do we consult?

We consult for short and long term assignments. For every consulting project we deliver a bespoke outcome

We evaluate your current status & point of view

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” (Peter Drucker). We aim to give you concrete solutions to particular problems, therefore first and foremost we evaluate the situation.

We analyse your options externally

Sometimes even though the options are on your front door, being too close to the project or too busy with it might prevent you from seeing them. We’re here to help with that and open your door for new opportunities.

We facilitate your workshops sessions

Just finding the problem and serving you with the solution is not enough. We help you convert your employees into a high-performance team and enable you to tackle future problems on your own.

We deliver strategies & transformation plans

A good plan for the future is already halfway to success. We create the concepts and transformation plans for you, so you have nothing to worry about in the near future.

What is our expertise?

We provide unique growth experience – developed and tested in leading Silicon Valley companies. Growth is always coming from four different dimensions:


Problem-solving products ensure rapid grow

What services can be booked?

We provide different expert and experience levels for competitive pricing.

What do our clients say?

Strong growth comes from optimal market access from product, sales and marketing as well as a strong human component from strategy, leadership and teams. We always integrate a 360 approach in our coaching and training.

“Amaze Growth helped us a let to re-align our digital strategy and to develop the right talent for this huge transformation”

Johan Wiklund, CEO


“Amaze Growth helps us to develop our strategy on mid-term basis. This helps our leadership team to get to the next development stage."

Ros-Marie Grusén, MD

McKsesson Nordics

“Amaze Growth is a great sparring partner to develop our B2B marketing focus on yearly basis. We work with them for more than 3 years.”

Jorit Löhr, Director

Google B2B Marketing Germany

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