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Growth Skill

Growth Sales

Growth Sales is a required skill to scale your business growth above the market. We helped +300 organizations to build-up strong and scalable sales organizations, processes and sales skills.

What Growth Sales skills are needed in your organization?

We found in projects with +300 organizations four important Growth Sales skills that are needed in fast growing organizations

Scaling Sales Pipelines

We analyze your current sales strategy, client / customer segmentation and sales processes. We develop innovative and hands-on optimizations to scale your sales force.

Innovative B2B Pricing

Pricing in B2B is a huge profitability lever. We have increased min. +10 index points in profitability due to the implementation of innovative pricing solutions for B2B companies.

Winning Pitches

The art of winning every pitch is important to have a balanced conversion ratio to grow with Medium & Large clients. We support you to win important Key Acccounts with savvy consulting-proven technologies.

Consulting Skills

Clients, Services and Offerings become more complex. We are seeing a big shift from Account Managers to Consultants. We help you to develop the most important soft skills within your salesforce.
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How do we implement sales skills in organizations?

We offer three different formats how to implement sales skills in your organisation


Our consultants support senior sales teams in the definition of sustainable & robust sales strategy. Consulting projects are the corner stones for successful transformations.


Our experienced business coaches and consultants accompany management and senior staff for min. 6 months and develop Growth Mindset and skills together.


Our experienced business coaches and consultants  implement important skills and mindsets in your company in 1-3 days. With robust frameworks, we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

Skill Development & Training

Our experienced business coaches train your peoeple on specific soft- and hard-skill development needs. Either on-remote or on-site with a neurological proven micro-learning approach.

We are unique - we make growth sales skill development measurable

Prior to any Growth Sales Assessment, we will analyze and audit your current sales activities. This provides us with the foundation of a scalable growth sales organization. Participate in our survey and we
will develop a holistic Growth Sales Approach with you.

Scaling Pipelines

Innovative B2B Pricing

Winning Pitches

Consulting Skills

Participate in our Maturity Assessment and you receive an exclusive audit for your current growth sales capability

Why are we the right partner to build-up growth sales in your organization?

Who is behind the course to develop sales content at Amaze Growth?

We developed neurological and pedagogical coaching & training content with our chapter lead Bernhard Tretter

Bernhard Tretter


Chapter Lead Sales

Network Business Coach at Amaze Growth Lab GmbH

+2 years executing management programs as freelancing trainer and consultant

+4 years experience consulting for companies in the social sector and NGOs.

+2 years Principal Consultant for Fiducia Ltd. Hong Kong

+13 years first project manager experience within IT projects

Consultant and coach on issues like organizational development, leadership skills and development, strategy and business development, change management and sales-related topics.

Our Experience

+265 coached marketing agencies

+50 coached new economy organisations

+16 Years of Strategy Consulting Experience (e.g. Strategy & / Accenture)

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching +300 Companies

Coaching & Neurology

Coaching & Neurology education to build-up skills

Book your Growth Sales Meeting with us

Developing a fueled growth sales engine requires a tailor-made solution, since each B2B company in services or manufacturing is very different. Book your sales meeting with us and we see how we can help you to skyrocket your sales

Our on-demand
Growth Sales Courses

Consulting Skills



ALL IN ONE: Build-up strong consulting competences in your key account teams to tailor your offerings to your clients

Relationship Building



Learn how to build trusting relationships between you and your clients in order to make the most out of it.

Consulting Mindset



Learn the basics of a consultative mindset and how to train an open and unconventional mindset.