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Growth Skill

Growth Marketing

Growth is only coming from a real Growth Marketing approach that considers digital Marketing channels, a changing digital customer journey and a strong focus on UI/UX requirements on products. We help organisations to build up true Growth Marketing Organisations.

What Growth Marketing skills are needed in your organisation?

We found with +300 organizations four important growth Marketing skills that are needed in fast growing organizations

Digital Brand Building

Brand building is a deliberate process and its art is to adjust this to new digital marketing needs. We help you to develop your brand and to tell a compelling story in the market that will provide you enormous competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We support numerous teams to develop budget and performance based digital marketing strategies that will accompany you and your team for the upcoming 12 months to grow and succeed in winning important market shares.

Scaling Marketing Funnels

We analyze user-centric customer journeys and derive important digital marketing funnel shifts from online to offline and from performance to brand building. We consider a strong ROAS (return on ad spend) optimization approach.

Data Driven Marketing

We develop true data strategies to be included in any marketing and sales funnels. We consider state-of-the art data privacy changes from e.g. Apple or Google and advise you how to optimize your data usage to scale your market share.
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How do we implement marketing skills in organisations?

We offer three different formats to implement marketing skills in your organisation


Our consultants support senior marketing teams in the definition of sustainable & robust marketing strategy and agile roadmaps. Consulting projects are the corner stones for successful transformations.


Our experienced business coaches and consultants accompany management and senior staff for min. 6 months and develop Growth Mindset and skills together.


Our experienced business coaches and consultants  implement important skills and mindsets in your company in 1-3 days. With robust frameworks, we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

Skill Development & Training

Our experienced business coaches train your peoeple on specific soft- and hard-skill development needs. Either on-remote or on-site with a neurological proven micro-learning approach.

We are unique - we make growth marketing skill development measurable

Prior to a Growth Marketing Coaching we assess your brand essence and identity to understand what competitor out-beat options you may have and how to develop a digital Markting Strategy based on your current digital brand positioning.
Conduct our Brand Archetype Definition Tool for free and learn how you position yourself currently in the Market as a digital Brand

Why are we the right partner to build-up growth marketing in your organization?

Who is behind the course to develop Growth Marketing content at Amaze Growth?

We developed neurological and padagogic coaching & training content with our chapter lead Josephine Stockmar

Josephine Stockmar

Dir Growth Marketing Consulting

Chapter Lead Marketing

Strategist and project manager at Amaze Growth

+10 years digital marketing experience

+7 years agency experience for various industries

+3 years leadership experience as a manager of a team of 20+ employees

Josephine applies this 360 view to a human centred approach to her coaching and consulting projects. 

Our Experience

+265 coached marketing agencies

+50 coached new economy organisations

+16 Years of Strategy Consulting Experience (e.g. Strategy & / Accenture)

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching +300 Companies

Coaching & Neurology

Coaching & Neurology education to build-up skills

Book your Growth Sales Meeting with us

Developing a fueled growth sales engine requires a tailor-made solution, since each B2B company in services or manufacturing is very different. Book your sales meeting with us and we see how we can help
you to skyrocket your sales.

Our on-demand
Growth Marketing Courses

Consulting Skills



ALL IN ONE: Build-up strong consulting competences in your key account teams to tailor your offerings to your clients.

Relationship Building



Learn how to build trusting relationships between you and your clients in order to make the most out of it.

Consulting Mindset



Learn the basics of a consultative mindset and how to train an open and unconventional mindset.