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Consulting Skills

Consulting Skills

The right consulting skills are becoming increasingly important these days. But which skills are really necessary to become a successful consultant?

In this blog series we introduce you step by step to the eight most important skills that are crucial for you as a consultant to prove yourself in your business environment.

Using our consulting pyramid, you can see the individual steps and how they are built upon each other. Each week we will explain you one part of the pyramid in more detail. 

What skills do you need to bring to your job as a consultant?

If you want to become or build-up consulting skills you need to have these 4 competences. These skills are build up through long-term potentiation. 

  • Understand the  theoretical input of consulting skills (e.g. through books, webinars, etc.)
  • Train with an expert and get valuable feedback
  • Apply consulting  skills and improve them with real client cases
  • Own it by training others how to consult and  improve the skills

Why do consulting skills need to be trained and build-up from leaders?

Consulting skills should be trained and developed by managers on a regular basis. This helps you to increase your effectiveness as a leader by helping others to develop and grow.

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Furthermore, you can watch the video from our Community Call here: Video of the call. Moreover we have provided the slides of the call for you here.

Next week we will continue with the first part of the Consulting Skills: Relationship Building 

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