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We are delighted to have supported +350 clients on their growth journey. 

Developing Consulting Skills in your team

To bring their employees to the next level, elements knew that they had to foster change from within. Amaze Growth developed a Consulting Skills class for teaching important skills employees need to be aware of, to act in a consulting role towards their clients.

In just 10 weeks, Amaze Growth and elements successfully implemented hands-on tools and procedures for the employees to implement in their daily work. Elements employees voluntarily participated in an assessment of their skills to better focus on the outcome on the project. On basis of that we weekly taught the 8 important Consulting Skills to get a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful consultant.


Employees with customer responsibility need to take on the role of a consultant to think in the “shoes of their clients” in order to help them grow.

Due to their daily contact with customers, the employees at elements have to take on the role of a consultant. This is why a training of crucial Consulting Skills was requested.

Through the Consulting Skills class we helped C-, & B-, & A- Levels at elements to learn and develop important skills a consultant should be aware of

What Did We Do?

Describe the goal setting and the tools used to achieve it.

In only 10 weeks we presented the team 8 important Consulting Skills

Description of the Course Outline. Each of the participants got a certification! We used the following tools:

Value Delivered

After the Consulting Skills class the participants now have a better understanding of how to interact with their clients and their daily tasks.

Through our hands on tools the participants were actively involved into the sessions and had the opportunity to experience real cases.
The employees also had the opportunity to present their own cases and experiences which helped the whole team to learn and grow by getting insides into their colleagues work habit.

The team is now able to use the templates we provided on their next client meetings which will make their workflow a lot easier and efficient.

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