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Become a consultant
in 10 weeks

Whether you are working in Sales, Marketing, Business Development or Consulting – the world has become complex. Hence, it is even more important than ever to learn to understand, explain and change complex systems as Growth Consultants do it.

WHY is this course so important to me?

3 things you can do after the course to accelerate your own career
Become more professional in communication
Convince stakeholders / gain their trust
Accelerate your career through growth hacking tools

What will you learn in the course?

According to our experience 8 important consulting skills are needed to become a consultant:

Video Content: 30 mins
Exercise: 10 mins

WHY are Consulting Skills necessary in such a fast-paced and competitive business environment and how can you develop such skills?  In this chapter we will guide you through the 8 simple steps. Watch for free here!

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

Building trust is the most important basis for customer relationships. This is explained neurologically and psychologically. In this chapter you will learn some NLP (neurolinguistic programming) tricks, how to apply the trusted advisor from Charles Green and how to interact with different personality styles (colours). 

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

Consultants don’t always receive prompt and positive feedback from their clients. Therefore, a consultant needs a true Growth Mindset. This means to shift from WHAT to HOW and to think, act and advise like a true consultant. 

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

Business Acumen is an important skill to understand your client’s market and business value creation.  In this chapter you will develop deep business acumen to understand both your own business and that of your customer.

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

Meta Thinking and Structuring is the essential skill consultants have to understand complex environments and how to assemble them into components. In this chapter you will learn how to question your own thinking in order to observe, reflect and structure your own cognitive processes.

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

A growth consultant needs to always show the value for a client – why to start a project or a new programme. In this chapter you will learn how growth consultants develop and prepare meaningful value cases that will help you to underpin your sales strategy.

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

Growth consultants are known for their comprehensive and logical slides. They have convincing stories to present in pitches and in project updates. In this chapter you will learn how to develop a storyline, how to connect your product or services to your customers’ needs and how to convince an audience to buy from you. 

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

A consultant gives professional services, hence needs to path the way to generate new projects with clients. This means to get into the driver seat and to develop a vision and strategy on behalf of your clients. In this chapter you will learn how to generate strong demand for your products or services and how to take your sales closing performance to the next level. 

Video Content: 60 mins
Exercise: 30 mins

Everyone speaks about agile projects but in reality projects are barely agile. In this chapter you will learn simple but proven agile techniques to develop an agile roadmap with your clients and how to respond to changes and new requirements in your project day-to-day work.

Video Content: 15 mins
Exercise: 10 mins

Building up these new skills needs to be celebrated and you will get your Amaze Growth Certificate as well as your LinkedIn Badge. Share your success among your social media community. 

The course is designed to for 10 weeks – but we grant you access for 24 weeks. Keep your routine to really learn how to become a consultant.

How do you become a consultant?

We have a fantastic brain: it can learn until old age. Neurologists name this “structural plasticity”. Get fascinated about your own brain and how you can learn new skills. Our course is built-up on neurological principles you will:
8 Learning Courses
Our brain needs to understand first in simple analogies how things are connected. We explain to you in each chapter the most important basics to learn the skill.
8 Learning Courses
Coaching Hours
We will train in real cases the learned methods. You will see and observe catches conducted by the Amaze Growth team and you will also be asked to train with a buddy.
Coaching Hours
Analogue Material
Apply & Refect
We provide you materials to become your own coach and to reflect on daily basis if you have applied your new skills and what to improve to get to the next level.
Analogue Material
Your brain needs a reward to develop some dopamine. Hence we will get a certification from us that you have successfully developed consulting skills. Additionally you can share your new skills on LinkedIn.

Your Coach behind the course

This course has been developed with a lot of dedication and with +15.000 coaching hours within +300 companies. And yes it works!

Simone Lafargue

Founder & CEO

Chapter Lead Strategy

CEO of Amaze Growth

+14 years of consulting experience at Accenture and Strategy&, among others.

+4 years experience in coaching & training of skills development

+5 years startup experience

Trained in coaching, neurology and NLP. Passionate about teaching more people how to develop a brilliant growth mindset to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Experience

+16 Years of Strategy Consulting Experience Strategy & ACCENTURE

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching
+300 Companies

Coaching & Neurology

Coaching & Neurology education to build-up skills

Simone Lafargue has trained people from these companies


What did testimonials say?

We have trained many people and all have become happy Growth Consultants

Lukas Höller


Désirée- Sina Kellner

more-fire GmbH

Isabell Voss


Do you prefer a more individualized course with a coach?

We also offer the Consulting Skills course as a coaching option.

Group Coaching

Min. 4 participants

  • 21h Coaching
  • Min. 4, Max. 8 participants
  • 10 accompanying weeks
  • Course always on Fridays
per person


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