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Consulting Skill 2

Consulting Mindset

It is not always easy to be a consultant. Clients sometimes do not give feedback and you need to trigger change within your clients. Hence, true growth consultants have a specific growth mindset which we call the Consulting Mindset.

This skill is one out of 8 a consultant needs to develop.

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For whom is the course?

This course helps you to become a real growth consultant. You will be able to apply 3 important skills during your everyday life as a growth consultant:
How to develop a strong growth mindset
How to listen actively to your clients
How to be agile and improvise in client conversations

What is included in the course?

The course has a duration of 60 Minutes with 9 videos and can be learned in
less than a week:

Your Coach behind the course

This course has been developed with a lot of dedication and with +15.000 coaching hours within +300 companies. And yes it works!

Simone Lafargue

Founder & CEO

Chapter Lead Strategy

CEO of Amaze Growth

+14 years of consulting experience at Accenture and Strategy&, among others.

+4 years experience in coaching & training of skills development

+5 years startup experience

Trained in coaching, neurology and NLP. Passionate about teaching more people how to develop a brilliant growth mindset to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Experience

+16 Years of Strategy Consulting Experience Strategy & ACCENTURE

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching +300 Companies

Coaching & Neurology

Coaching & Neurology education to build-up skills

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