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Hey - How strong are the Growth Capabilities
of your Business?

We develop in your organisation the required skills and mindset to skyrocket your business.
We supported +350 organisations with a neurological proven consulting, coaching and training approach to grow your business sustainably.

How can you develop growth skills and a growth mindset in your agency or startup?

We develop growth skills and mindset in agencies, startups and multiplicator networks. Our experienced consultants and business coaches use a neurological and sustainable approach to empower the people behind your numbers.


Our consultants support senior leadership teams in the definition of a vision, strategy and agile roadmaps. Consulting projects are the corner stones for successful transformations.


Our experienced business coaches and consultants accompany management and senior staff for min. 6 months and develop Growth Mindset and skills together.


Our experienced business coaches and consultants  implement important skills and mindsets in your company in 1-3 days. With robust frameworks, we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

Skill Development & Training

Our experienced business coaches train your peoeple on specific soft- and hard-skill development needs. Either on-remote or on-site with a neurological proven micro-learning approach.

Who invests in the development of growth skills and a growth mindset?

Do you want to achieve above-average growth? If so, then you need both a strong market and highly qualified people who build your business with their knowledge, skills and commitment. We work with agencies, startups and multiplicators and make them happy with above-average growth.


We work with leading agencies and develop consulting skills, leadership capabilities, and scaling sales pipelines.


We work with leading startups to drive growth through consistent growth strategies to outperform their competitors.


We work with multiplicators who are looking for support to build growth skills in either their Partner Marketing or Startup Incubator Program.

What are the most important growth skills to grow as an organization?

Strong growth comes from optimal market access from product, sales and marketing as well as a strong human component from strategy, leadership and teams. We always integrate a 360 approach in our coaching and training.

Growth Teams

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Growth Products

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Do you want to find out how strong your growth skills and mindset are?

We do a free DNA check before each project and review your growth status

Phoenix Organisations

Flower-Power Organizations

Comet Organizations

Unicorn Organizations

Who will be your Partner
for Growth Development & Skill Build up?

Our most important asset are our coaches and trainers who build sustainable skills through a unique neurological approach.

Chapter Lead:
Growth Leadership

Naomi Olofsson

With +15 years experience in leadership and strategy consulting, Naomi has been working in neurological and psychological based leadership coaching for  individuals, teams and organisations. The needed skills for effective leadership mindsets, perspectives and behaviors is part of our coachings and consulting assignments.

Chapter Lead:
Growth Strategy

Simone Lafargue

Simone has +16 years of strategy experience and has guided many senior leadership teams through a new vision, strategy and transformation roadmap. Simone includes traditional strategic planning methods with new ways of agile steering such as Objectives and Key Results or the Golden Cirlce of Simon Sinek.

Chapter Lead:
Growth Marketing

Josephine Stockmar

With +10 years in digital marketing, Josephine knows all perspectives of the business from agency to consulting and client side. As a former COO/CSO at the data-driven, marketing agency EPROFESSIONAL, she was responsible for developing cutting edge marketing concepts.  

Chapter Lead:
Growth Sales

Bernhard Tretter

Bernhard has +28 years experience in consulting for companies in industry, IT and sales companies (e.g. two years in Hong Kong) as well as in the social sector. After working as a project manager and then head of sales within debis Systemhaus and its follow-up organisations within Deutsche Telekom AG for 14 years is engaged since 8 years now as a consultant, trainer and business coach in the fields of leadership and management, organisational development and sales.

Chapter Lead:
Growth Products

Jakob Kalbfell

Jakob knows the in and out of a product’s sustainable growth. In addition to his years working for Google in different countries and roles in sales, business development and as a program head in strategic product partnerships in Europe for Android, he engaged over the years in other industries such as Automotive, SAAS and Publishing.

Chapter Lead:
Growth Teams

Marco Klein

Marco Klein

Marco is experienced in inspiring and mentoring cross-functional teams to understand the importance of mindset and corporate culture in a phase of transformation and change. As an experienced Agile Coach, he is able to create a psychological safe environment which helps people, teams and organizations to work together even better. His experience and unique personality makes him our expert in Growth Teams.

We have internal and external consultants in our Growth Team

We have +140 years of management, leadership, business strategy and SMB experience. Our coaches will help you to empower your people behind your numbers to develop an optimistic but realistic growth plan.

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Özden Sevimli

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Daniel Staehelin

Johanne Heck-Parsch

Fabienne Preuss

Arlette Kohler

Arlette Kohler

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Cornelia Wiest

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Tim Kienzle

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Julia Ramminger

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Lea Kalbfell

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